Sang Han

Sang Han

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First Name * Sang
Last Name * Han
Username * polygonpusher
Country * USA


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Games Console
Preferred Tools SoftImage XSIMayaLightwaveModophotoshop3d Studio MaxAfter EffectsMudboxZbrushUVlayoutBody Paint


Availability: Freelance


I'm a character artist who has worked in the video game industry for over 5 years. My strength is primarily in capturing people's likeness using zbrush. I also sculpt clothing pretty well, in particular have a good grasp of how different materials' properties such as those found in denim jeans causes it to wrinkle and fold in ways that differ from something softer like a cotton t-shirt. Also able to paint textures and have an intermediate understanding of rigging including setting up expressions and vb/jscript for more complex control setups.